YOUPS does make shopping a pleasant pastime:
Save time & money by getting personalized outfits
Stop wasting time looking for rare items. Leave this job for professionals
Stylists always know what you should wear for the upcoming event
Have a new look at your closet

For those who are tired of wasting time on shopping
For who?
For those who are bored wearing same outfits everyday
YOUPS is for those who like personal approach
For those who follows the latest trends
How It Works
Get Stylist's Advice in 3 Steps
Ask a question
Attach photos
Get professional advice
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For Stylists
Professional stylists guide users of the YOUPS platform in their fashion adventure
1. Send request
2. Pass interview
3. Join the team!

YOUPS platform is looking for partnership with clothing and accessories brands! If you are somehow involved in the business and want to make history, contact us using the form below.
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